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This ID includes a holographic overlay of the state’s symbol, the mountain bluebird, which aligns with Idaho’s unique identity and further enhances its authenticity.

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Our ID includes advanced security features such as microprint, a ghost image, and UV features that become visible under black light, further enhancing your security and the ID’s authenticity.

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Crafted from premium-grade Teslin material, our Idaho Fake ID mirrors the feel and flexibility of a real ID, and includes a magnetic stripe on the reverse for added authenticity.

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Idaho: A Journey Through Alcohol, Tobacco, Nightlife, and Gaming Culture

Idaho, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities, also boasts a vibrant culture around alcohol, tobacco, nightlife, and gaming. Let’s explore this unique cultural landscape of the Gem State.

Purchasing Alcohol and Tobacco in Idaho

In Idaho, the legal age to buy and consume alcohol and tobacco is 21. Various retail outlets, convenience stores, and licensed tobacco shops sell these products. Remember that it’s a legal requirement for sellers to request a valid ID to verify age when selling these age-restricted products.

Drinking Culture in Idaho

Idaho’s beverage culture spans across a wide spectrum, from locally-brewed beers to internationally recognized wines:

1. Local Breweries: Idaho’s craft beer scene has been on the rise with establishments like Grand Teton Brewing ( providing a broad range of beers.

2. Wineries: Idaho’s wine industry is thriving, and vineyards like Sawtooth Winery ( offer scenic views and quality wines.

Nightlife in Idaho: Bars and Nightclubs

Idaho might be known for its natural beauty, but its nightlife scene is not to be underestimated:

1. Bars: One popular option is Whiskey Bar ( in Boise, known for its extensive whiskey selection and comfortable ambiance.

2. Nightclubs: China Blue (, also located in Boise, provides a vibrant atmosphere with music spanning multiple genres.

Gambling in Idaho

Although not as extensive as in some states, there are legal gambling options in Idaho, including tribal casinos, bingo, raffles, and a state lottery:

1. Casinos: Coeur D’Alene Casino Resort Hotel (, operated by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, is one of the major gaming venues in Idaho, offering various slot machines and bingo games.

2. Idaho Lottery ( The state’s official lottery offers multiple draw games and scratch-offs, contributing millions to public schools and buildings each year.


Idaho’s alcohol, tobacco, nightlife, and gaming culture offer a unique blend of experiences for both residents and visitors. From sipping locally brewed beers amidst stunning natural beauty to enjoying vibrant nightlife in its urban centers, the state has much to offer. As always, these activities should be enjoyed responsibly and in accordance with state and local laws.

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