. How to Pay with PayPal

Unfortunately, we do not accept payments directly through PayPal. However, we do accept cryptocurrency that you can buy through PayPal.

In the evolving landscape of digital transactions, PayPal now facilitates the purchase and usage of Bitcoin directly through its platform. This capability serves as a gateway for users to engage with cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. Here’s a guide on how to leverage this feature for practical applications, such as purchasing a Fake ID with Bitcoin.

  1. In order to pay, you must:
    • First select the Digital Currencies payment option.
    • Select Bitcoin, then click Place Order to get the wallet address.

  2. Purchasing Bitcoin:
    • Access your PayPal account and navigate to the Crypto section.
    • Select Bitcoin and choose the Buy option to acquire the desired amount.

  3. Making Payments with Bitcoin:
    • Once Bitcoin is in your account, return to the Crypto section.
    • Select the Send option, and enter the recipient’s address—ensure it matches the BTC address from the checkout page of your order.
    • Confirm the transaction details thoroughly to ensure accuracy before finalizing the payment.

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