. How to pay with Bitcoin

Paying with Bitcoin via Bitcoin ATMs: A Quick & Easy Guide

So, you've decided to make a purchase with Bitcoin, and you've got a QR code ready to go. Awesome choice! Using a Bitcoin ATM (or BTM) can make this process smooth and straightforward. Here's your step-by-step guide:

🌟 Step 1: Ready Your QR Code

- Once you've placed your order, we'll provide you with a QR code. This represents the Bitcoin address where you'll be sending your payment. Ensure you can access this code on your phone or have a printed copy with you.

🌟 Step 2: Find a Nearby Bitcoin ATM

- Hop onto CoinATMRadar: This handy tool will show you the closest BTMs. Simply enter your location, and voilà!

🌟 Step 3: Start Your Transaction at the BTM

- Select 'Send Bitcoin' or 'Make a Payment': The exact wording might vary based on the BTM.

- Scan Your QR Code: Hold up your phone or printed QR code to the BTM's scanner. This ensures your Bitcoin goes exactly where it needs to.

🌟 Step 4: Insert Your Cash

- Slide in your bills or use your card, depending on the BTM's capabilities. Follow the on-screen prompts. Remember, BTMs will have their own transaction fees, so double-check the total amount you're sending.

🌟 Step 5: Confirm & Send

- Review the details on the screen. Ensure the Bitcoin amount and the USD equivalent match your purchase.

- Hit that 'Send' or 'Confirm' button. Your Bitcoin will be on its way!

🌟 Step 6: Get Your Receipt

- Most BTMs will offer a printed or digital receipt. It's a good idea to keep this as a record of your transaction.

🌟 Step 7: Await Confirmation

- We will confirm once we've received your Bitcoin payment. Depending on our system and the Bitcoin network's speed, this could be almost immediate or take a little time.

🌟 Safety First!

- Always use BTMs in well-lit, public areas.

- If a BTM seems unusually complicated or asks for more details than you're comfortable with, trust your instincts and consider using a different machine.

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